About Aquaman

From Policeman to Aquaman……….  

After serving in New Zealand Police for over 30 years, it was time to step down from the fast-paced life as a Senior Constable, Police Search & Rescue and the Police Maritime Unit to start my own rescue business helping lifestyle- block and swimming pool owners who have run out of water.

Delivering water has been an idea of mine for over 20 years and began when I was first deployed to East Timor.  In 2001 I was really fortunate to be part of a NZ Police contingent who worked alongside the United Nations  in a peace- keeping and training role, in the remotest and driest part of the country.  

East Timor’s infrastructure had been destroyed by the war and quality water supply was scarce.  One of my roles was to support the engineers rebuilding the infrastructure and water supply networks.  As peacekeepers we were provided with bottled water which the local kids frequently begged us for. 

“We would often stop at remote villages and be surrounded by children begging for “Aqua”.  Hearing the cries for “Aqua Aqua Aqua” as we patrolled were heart- wrenching and we did as much as we could to give the kids clean bottled water.”  

While we’re a long way away from East Timor and our need for basic supplies in New Zealand is vastly different, water is a basic necessity that none of us can go without.

After leaving Police it’s taken me several months to get the right qualifications, source a dedicated water truck and trailer with food grade stainless steel tanks and obtain a Transport Service license, and I’m very pleased to say that Aquaman Water Rescue is now a Registered and Certified Water Carrier.

As a local Wainui lifestyle property owner I know how precious water is and how challenging it can be to keep that supply going in summer.  I also appreciate that letting someone onto your property is a position of great trust. 

I have a duty of care to bring you the best quality water and provide a service that anyone needing water should expect and deserve.

Starting in September, Aquaman Water Rescue will be coming to a tank or swimming pool near you.  

Don’t Get Caught with Your Tanks Down This Summer !

Call or email Paul Donaldson at Aquaman Water Rescue.